Tuesday, June 23, 2009
A Brief Interlude

To all my friends back down south:

While you're suffering through 103F temperatures and humidity that makes walking outside feel like being smothered under a hot, wet blanket, up here it's 73 degrees and mostly sunny.

Just sayin'.

And sorry about the long gap between posts. It's been an unusually busy, relatively stressful few weeks, and the blog has just fallen by the wayside for a while. Things should settle down soon, and I'll have stuff to talk about.

In the meantime -- before it gets too old to post -- here's a video of a few hundred happy, naked people on bikes* and one closeted, repressed fundie:

(not strictly safe for work)

This is why I love Portland: the majority are on bikes and naked, and one of them is trying to calmly reason with the solitary raving religious nut yelling at them to "get raped." So, it's exactly the opposite of Mississippi.

PS: I threw that in just for you, Nelson. I think I'm caught up on my nudity quota for a while.

* full disclosure: more than a few of these naked bikers were friends of mine, though fortunately my vantage point on the proceedings was nowhere near this asshole.
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