Sunday, February 07, 2010
Sunrise, Sunset

This blog is just about to go kaput. Several key components are dropping dead at once. First, the Haloscan commenting system I've used for so long is shutting down, so all those comments people have left over the years will soon be but dust in the wind. Very soon after that, Blogger/Google is ending FTP service for blogs, so the very engine that publishes my posts here will no longer function. Which is fine, since I'd already determined I didn't want to use Blogger anymore, but it's not the way I'd have preferred to end things.

The good news is, my new domain is just about ready to go. I'm tentatively planning a March 1 launch -- six years to the day since my first post here. This place will still function until then, so I'll post one more time here telling people where to go for the new one. It'll be a good change. Keep an eye out.
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