Everything We Know About Dexter’s Return Series

Dexter is one of the most successful crime drama series to continue over the years. The year 2006 marked the arrival of a series that went on to win various awards such as Emmys, People’s Choice Awards, and many more. When the series ended abruptly in 2013 after 8 seasons with a not so nice finale, everybody was shocked. The producers and makers were criticized as the ending didn’t do justice to the series at all. If you have not seen Dexter, then you wouldn’t quite understand why everyone was so upset regarding its ending.

Here’s a gist for you. Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall leads a double life. By day he is an analyst for Miami Police and at night he turns into a killer who has a thirst for killing other murderers. The finale was quite disappointing with Dexter taking up a new identity and go into hiding.

The good news is that Dexter is returning for its ninth season! Here’s what we know about Dexter’s return!

  • The Return of Dexter

The producers were hinting at Dexter’s return for many years. It was a hot topic everywhere on the internet! However, it came as a surprise to everyone when it was announced on 14th October, that Dexter will return for season 9! The production will start from early 2021 and is said to have 10 episodes.

  • Release Date

There is no definite release date for Dexter’s season 9. The production is said to start in early 2021 and it is expected that in the fall of 2021, it might make its debut on Showtime! Well, nothing is certain as everything might get delayed due to this ongoing pandemic!

  • Cast Members

Of course, Michael C. Hall will be returning as the lead of the show as Dexter! Though all the major characters including Dexter’s sister Debra ended up dead, it paved a way for enough possibilities! New cast members might make an entry and maybe that might hint at new family members of Dexter!

  • Season 9 Story Details

After the series ended abruptly with Dexter taking up a fake identity as a lumberjack and living his life in hiding, it was not well received among the audience. So to make amends, season 9 has been launched. However, Showtime has been keeping hush about the story details. There are a lot of possibilities that season 9 can present!

Dexter was a huge commercial success for Showtime. The plots, the twists, and the characters were well received among the audience. However, nobody liked Dexter’s finale. Through their 9th season, it is believed that Dexter will get the ending it deserves. Maybe there will be more seasons after that. It is said that: All’s well that ends well! Now, all we can do is wait for the 9th season to hit the TVs! Keeping fingers crossed, with a new story unfolding, this season might be the best yet!

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