“Interstellar” Movie: 5 Things It Got Right (& 5 It Got Wrong)

Christopher Nolan has been credited with directing some of the greatest films ever produced. With over 34 Oscar nominations and 10 wins, he is the man behind blockbuster movies such as The Batman series. The movie Interstellar is also directed by Nolan, but in terms of success, it is not one of his best works.

When compared with the director’s other works like Dunkirk, this movie is bleak. But in terms of a sci-fi film, it’s a success! We are presenting 5 things that Interstellar got a spot on and another 5 things that were not up to the mark.

5 things that “Interstellar” got right

Though this movie falls behind Nolan’s other works because he has set the expectation really high, Interstellar has quite a few things that it got right.

1.Stunning Cinematography

Hoyte van Hoytema, who was the director of photography is credited for the stunning and mesmerizing cinematography that he created for Interstellar using a combination of IMAX 70 mm and anamorphic 35 mm.

2.Perfect lead role

Matthew McConaughey portrays the lead role of an ex-NASA pilot who must go via a wormhole to see if any planet is habitable. No other actor would have done this role so smoothly and this makes McConaughey the perfect actor to do so!

3.Depicting Earth’s future

In this film, Nolan has shown us the hard way that what could become of the earth, if the global warming issues are not taken seriously. Instead of escaping reality, he tries to convey it to the audience.


When Cooper and Brand return from the ocean planet, they realize that 23 years have passed by. A heartbreaking scene is presented when Cooper checks his video messages after 23 years and finds his kids in adulthood. Though Nolan’s films are pretty emotionless,

Interstellar breaks the barrier.

5.Superb Visuals

From the creation of a new CGI software that developed the wormholes to presenting an immersive VFX experience for the cast, Interstellar, no doubt was a visual treat!

5 things that “Interstellar” got wrong

Interstellar might not be Nolan’s best work due to the following inadequacies.


The dialogues in Interstellar are quite stiff and emotionless. When the actors speak, it doesn’t seem natural at all.

2.Inaudible Dialogues

A common problem of Nolan’s movies is the background music engulfs the soft-spoken dialogues. The same problem occurs in the case of Interstellar, which makes it uninteresting.

3.Unexpected Cameo

Matt Damon’s surprise cameo is so astounding to everyone that the audience misses out on a shocking revelation that Matt’s character discloses to Cooper.

4.Unnecessary subplot

Cooper has a liking for Murphy among Murphy and Tom, his two kids. This adds to an unnecessary plot and the movie would have been fine without the addition of Tom’s character.


This movie was supposed to be directed by Steven Spielberg. It is very uncommon of Nolan’s movies to portray emotions. The power of love and the emotions depicted in Interstellar shows that it had Spielberg’s signature style of sentiments as opposed to Nolan’s.

It is quite a debate about whether Interstellar should be put into Nolan’s category of classics. Now with the above contradictory points mentioned and explained, it is upon you to ponder and decide the fate of Interstellar!

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