7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Making of ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movie Series

One of the biggest successes of the decade, The Lord of the Rings trilogy grossed $ 2.9 billion dollars. The first movie of the trilogy was an instant success at the box-office. This made director Peter Jackson shoot and release the two other two movies back to back! But everything wasn’t so easy and it was decided that this trilogy would not be made in the form of a movie series! Based on the books by J. R. R. Tolkien, here are the 7 fascinating things that you didn’t know about the making of this film!

1. Building Hobbiton

A significant part of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy was shot in the beautiful scenic land called Hobbiton! Located in Matamata, New Zealand occupied nearly two square miles of land and took around one year to make. It is now a popular tourist destination!

2. Special effects

At the time when The Lord of the Rings was made, there was not any technological advancement to create the desired effects. The CGI was also not that great. So to make the scenes and characters more realistic, 1200 armor suits, 2000 weapons, 2500, bodysuits, 3500 pairs of hobbit feet, 10,000 arrows, and 10,000 prosthetic facial kits were used!

3. Mortensen the hero

Viggo Mortensen who played the role of Aragorn, in The Lord of the Rings trilogy performed his own stunts! The other cast members used swords made from rubber or aluminum but the sword that Viggo used was made of steel!

4. Props and accessories

Starting from the largest set to be built on the Southern hemisphere (castle city of Minas Tirith) and the largest prop to be ever used in a film (Mumakil) every prop used in The Lord of the Rings was very detailed and extraordinary!

5.Longest shoot days

The movie Apocalypse Now holds the record for the longest shoot days! The Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot back to back and now shares the same record! It has shoot days of 274 days over 16 months!

6.Large crew and extras

The Lord of the Rings was a huge affair! No trilogy had been ever shot back to back! This required quite a large number of crew members and extras. In a span of five years, a team of 2400 people and around 26,000 extras were dedicated to the production and filming of the trilogy!


It was in the history of film making, that for the first time, every single shot could be stored in a digital platform on a computer. It also meant that whenever required, every element of the film starting from Hobbits to landscapes could be accessed and modified!

The Lord of the Rings will always hold a special place in our hearts. Be it for the iconic scenes or the utilities used, this trilogy was a massive affair! A lot of combined hard work from the cast, crew, production team and the director led to the making of such an amazing series of movies that opened a whole new position for the fantasy-adventure genre in Hollywood!

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